Virtual Reality, commonly known as VR, is becoming increasingly common as the technology gets better and cheaper. One of the latest innovations we can look forward to in the personal exercise and fitness sector is VR treadmills, which incorporate a whole virtual reality experience in a normal workout.

But why use a VR Treadmill? Is it really worth it?

It’s fully immersive

A VR headset will transport you to any place you want to be. Whether it’s walking through the streets of a particular destination or taking a jog in the rainforests of the Amazon, VR will allow you to go wherever,all from the comfort of one location. It’s not just the video that is immersive though, as sounds are projected to make you feel as though you are really there.

It can push you harder

Studies suggest that when your brain is focusing on something other than your exercising, you can push yourself harder and further because the workout becomes automatic. By having an immersive experience, you will focus on the sights and sounds rather than the exercise, so can be used to improve your workout and training regime. Try setting the speed a little faster, or increase your time on the treadmill by 5 minutes – with a VR experience, you won’t notice the difference.

It’s more fun

Using a VR treadmill will also be much more fun than staring at a blank wall while you exercise. The immersive experience will encourage you to use the treadmill more, and stay on it for longer when you decide to work out. Both of these will help with your training goals, encouraging you to keep fit. VR experiences are being developed all the time, so you can try running in places all across the world.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels