Smart buildings have been an abstract idea for many years, but the reality is now realised thanks to IP technology, building automation and the Internet of Things (IoT). Building management software is capable of integrating with open technologies to suit consumer needs in the 21st century, such as the automation of HVAC and home monitoring systems.

Here are the top 2 reasons why Smart Buildings are the future of the building and construction industry:

Building automation

With the prospect of there being over 3 billion connected “things” in 2030; the internet of things offers a clear path for energy distribution. The traditional approach to the building will be replaced by building automation solutions that move throughout an establishment and connect all electrical installations in a centralized manner.

This implies that the control of temperature, heating systems, lighting, alarms systems, and smoke detectors will be fully automated.

A new age of autonomous building management software will enhance the construction industry with responsive, visual aids for advanced connectivity to enable the integration of AI in the built environment to realize more efficient systems in homes and rental spaces.

Sophisticated buildings will continually evolve to include after-sales support from manufacturers, especially to address the durability of facilities, particularly, in public amenities.


Smart homes have taken energy efficiency a step further with IoT devices for energy management, which is supported by wireless technologies. This helps lower energy costs by improving operational costs. Building energy management systems make it possible to optimize sustainability, space utilization, and productivity.

In particular, by leveraging the Internet of Things and building information modelling technologies, it is possible for smart homeowners to analyse performance in real-time. This is a significant advantage as it helps in proactive management of problems before they occur within the building.

As the IoT technology advances it will provide the building and construction industry with immense opportunities with functionality that features sensors, which send alerts to mobile applications through ultra-fast 5g connectivity to inform users of the available space as well as pre-assigned cubicles.

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