3D Printers are a great addition to the family home. Whether you’ve struggled to find a replacement toward a broken object, or you want to create a unique gift for a loved one or bring to life your inventor side, 3D Printing can help. This fascinating hobby is open to anyone whatever their budget and background. So, how can it help?

Home security

A benefit to 3D Printing can include your home security system. Security cameras do a fantastic job of deterring burglars and keeping homes safe. But, what if you want the camera to be more stealthy? Cameras are easily recognisable, especially when most have the same casing. You can change the look of the camera by printing a less eye-catching design.

In the kitchen

Having access to a range of measuring equipment isn’t always available. If you’re following a recipe book and the measurements are in a different form which you don’t have the apparatus for, it can hold you back. 3D Printing offers owners the chance to print off a variety of measuring utensils, which can be created using food-safe plastic (PETG). There’s one type, available online (Thingiverse) which has different measurements all built-in, including a standard half a cup, half a teaspoon, a tablespoon measurement and so on.

Mind stimulation

Puzzles are more than just helping someone to relieve boredom. Those living with Alzheimer’s or ADHD benefit from using them. They provide mental stimulation and as a method of controlling and calming their condition. Owning a 3D Printer can be great for printing different age and ability appropriate puzzles.

The benefits also stretch to helping those who struggle with conditions we wouldn’t usually think could benefit like supporting individual needs and life-debilitating conditions.

Toys for all ages

Finding time to go shopping for the latest toys for your young children is both time consuming and stressful. Festive times and birthdays can quickly eat into the family budget. 3D Printing can be an excellent solution for those eager to bring longevity to toys. 3D Printable accessories can make lifeless dolls more appealing to be used again. Fitness trackers and consoles can be made to adapt to different clothing or small hands. The possibilities are endless.

Applying maths to the real world

Children can often find maths difficult. At school, children are taught about graphs and equations but what’s sometimes left out is why they are vital. Seeing maths in action after being entered into the machine and watching it produce an item can be great fun. Whether it’s from setting up where the print will be on the bed or telling a 3D Printer to move to a point, both can be great for teaching subjects like graphs and coordinates.

The effect can be the child will want to learn more. On a 3D Printer, the wrong placement can show them what will happen to the printer without having to set back masses of money. If any damages do happen to the machine, they can be replaced or reprinted at little cost. The best part of 3D Printing is that there is very little prior knowledge needed to use the software. With the number of guides available online, even small children can quickly read and begin without much time taken.


Understanding how plastics can melt under temperature isn’t always easy to show safely and efficiently. However, with 3D Printing, it is, and this method can be excellent for teaching children how plastics can be melted and shaped at different temperatures. Too high or too low can mean melted plastics clog and prints can appear unattractive or impractical, so finding the correct temperature for melting is essential. 3D Printing can also be a gateway to helping children to see how materials heat, fans cool, and heat transfer happens and the reasons why.

Whether you’ve only just invested in a machine, or you’re looking for some reasons to buy a 3D Printer, the advantages are limitless. You can help improve your child’s knowledge of materials, support the understanding of graphs, coding and mathematics, and help to teach some vital life skills.

So, if you’re looking to buy into a new hobby in 2020, make sure you strongly consider 3D Printing.

Photo: lppicture by Geralt licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Via Pixabay

Author: Appthisway.com