The 5G network is already here. It may not be here in its full potential, but there is no denying that it will be beneficial to users. It will take time to arrive as it requires high-level infrastructure in the form of more physical antennas, sensors and satellite communications. The 5G network is the next level technology after 4G that has served users ever so diligently. Here is what it means for customers in the future.

Smartphone users

Most people concerned with the network are smartphone users. The first concern is whether or not their current phones are compatible with the 5G network. Unfortunately, the phones available right now do not have the radio that can support the impending 5G cellular network. Consequently, users will have to purchase a new phone in the future. However, existing 4G networks are also likely to improve once its successor arrives, and that benefits everyone.

Some of the benefits for smartphone users on 5G will be the ability to download content quickly. The videos that took minutes to download on a 4G connection will now take seconds. In networking, latency is one key term that is very hard to miss. It refers to the delay between instructing a network and the actual time of executing your order. A 5G connection will offer unbelievably low latency, and that is good news for the smartphone user.

Beyond smartphones

The benefits of the 5G network go further than a mere smartphone. For one, the high speeds could lead to a higher level of connectivity than ever imagined before. One such example is that of autonomous vehicles being able to communicate about an accident that may have just happened. This will help in decongesting roads as the unaffected user can now avoid the one where an incident has occurred. One other example is that of telemedicine. A demo done in 2018 showcased an example of a physical therapist helping his patient – remotely. Using virtual reality, the doctor and patient could perform physical rehabilitation without any lag in video connectivity offering instant real-time treatment as if they were there.

In essence, the 5G network is the future of connectivity. It will be beneficial to the casual smartphone user, and might even lead to an improvement on the current 4G networks. More importantly, its benefits go beyond phones, and that is the most exciting part.

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