Despite smart technology pervading our homes increasingly with every coming year, many families still possess a level of techno-fear that ultimately is preventing them from making their household potentially safer, more efficient and also more entertaining for members and guests. Here are some ways that having a smart home can benefit your family.

Keep your family secure

There are several items of technology that you can adopt to protect your family’s home. From a security passcode to enter your front door instead of a key (which are easily lost, especially by younger members of the family) to integrating outdoor patio and indoor hallway cameras to view prospective visitors, there’s a multitude of ways to incorporate smart security. Not only that, but you can easily view camera footage through smartphone apps and wearable smartwatches, making keeping an eye on your home easier than ever.

Make cooking easier

There’s essentially nothing that you can’t make smart in your kitchen nowadays – except maybe teaspoons! From a kettle that pours an automatic cup’s worth of hot water when you ask it to, to a smart fridge that lets you check what you’re running low on, and a Wi-Fi-enabled crockpot that allows you to control its temperature and cooking times from your phone. You can buy a multitude of appliances designed to make your kitchen more efficient while our family lives become busier than ever.

Set the right atmosphere

Everyone’s heard of a smart TV now, but have you heard about some of the other things that can be implemented in your living room? With a voice-activated home assistant such as Alexa or Google Home, you can easily set up for all your lights and appliances to be turned off with a simple voice command. It makes going to bed at night reassuring, as you know that everything is turned off and no energy is wasted. You can even alter the atmosphere in your home with smart bulbs – perfect when it’s time to encourage quiet and relaxation before bed.

Keep the kids happy

Following on from our last point, home assistants can be employed to play music to please older teens or soothe a stressed-out household, and they can also provide answers to tricky homework questions. Not only this but for your little ones, parents can set bedroom lights to turn off at bed-time and for a hallway light to be turned on, giving children safe access to the bathroom should they need it.

These are just a few of the many ways to make your home smarter.