Blockchain is gradually merging with a number of different industries as startups and large corporations seek solutions based on its innovative technology. Blockchain’s main focus used to be centred on digital payments, but this has changed dramatically in the past few years as numerous industries begin to realise its potential to increase transparency while reducing processing time and costs. Upcoming blockchain projects to keep an eye out for this year include:


Zelwin is an online marketplace renowned for being the first peer to peer platform in which all of its stakeholders make money. Zelwin’s business model is set up as a loyalty reward system that allocates ZLW tokens to buyers after they make a purchase. They can opt to either transfer this money to Visa or Mastercard accounts to spend or save the rewards. Zelwin offers a huge variety of goods that participating sellers and buyers can trade in from any location around the world. Zelwin’s approach to using crypto coins in loyalty marketing is also following industry trends to create fairness.


This is a Switzerland-based blockchain platform that sets out to revolutionise privacy and security in the ecosystem of payments and messaging. The project’s unique Multi-DLT and blockchain landscape are supported by the privacy-oriented ‘Innovative MixNet 5.0’ platform, which is fundamentally decentralised and built from a range of open sources to facilitate digital networks in real-time. This innovative network is expected to grow its number of users significantly in the next few years as its security and privacy features and collaboration take the lead in blockchain applications.


This cryptocurrency exchange platform provides fiat-crypto trading services to users who can top up their accounts easily via a Visa or Mastercard-linked account to purchase coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The platform is renowned for making crypto available via local currencies along with its impressive security and convenience. Bitit’s project is focused on covering the global market, payment security and delivery in order to maintain its competitive edge. Not only this, but Bitit has also created a package for crypto traders to act as a one-stop-shop with impressive rates and low fees.

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Image by xresch from Pixabay