We’re at an exciting point in history where technology improves in leaps and bounds every single year. 2018 saw some fantastic developments, with the advancement of voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, and smart home technologies such as Google Home. Technology has made striking changes to the world of fitness and health, architecture, food and, of course, gaming and entertainment. Here are some tech predictions for this coming year.


A brand new form of radio technology, 5G aims to make internet connections faster, more stable, and with a wider reach. Data download and upload speeds should be much quicker and smart devices will be far more efficient. Current 4G connections require a line of sight with a transmitter to work efficiently, but 5G will not be hampered by this. The completion of 5G is critical to the advancement of various other technologies, including autonomous vehicles which will use the network and additional M2M devices to communicate with each other, such as reading a live road map to move safely between destinations.

Driverless Cars

While 2018 saw a few driverless cars start to hit the road, 2019 is going to be a big year for the advancement of this technology. Current driverless technology allows for hands-off driving, but the driver still needs to keep their eyes on the road and be prepared to take over in an emergency. The UK chancellor claims that his country should start to see total, eyes off automation on the road by 2021. Most cars now have a form of driverless technology, such as alerting when you are too close to another vehicle, or cars which park themselves. In a few years, we may move completely to fully autonomous driving.

The rise of Touchless Interfaces

In 2018 Alexa became part of our day to day conversation, and Google, Siri and Cortana have raced to catch up. Spoken direction is a useful technology, making life not only easier but also safer (such as when driving). Developers are always working to create new ways to eliminate the need for keyboards and touchpads, which means that we can expect to see new voice-activated technology this year, as well as even newer gesture and haptics technologies for VR and AR industries.

Author: Appthisway.com