The evolution of digital technologies is changing the way people live their lives. It is impacting everything we do from how we look up directions to how we keep in touch with friends and now, even how we cook.

Smart kitchen devices are taking the home kitchen world by storm. While technology in the kitchen is not a new concept, the latest appliances are proving to cut cooking time and make meal preparation that little bit easier. Let’s take a look at three of the top new devices out there:

1. A charging countertop

Even the most skilled home cook knows that there are never enough accessible power points in the average kitchen. To combat this frustration, DuPont released the first chargeable countertop in 2013.

Countertop’s design and use is simple. A smartphone charges itself when placed on the surface, eliminating the need for it to be plugged in. The countertops are also designed with the highest environmental safety considerations in mind, which means food can be prepared and liquids can be spilt on them while in use.

2. A self-stirring tool

One of the most time-consuming aspects of cooking is mixing ingredients perfectly. Not only can the constant stirring hurt your arm, but it can also prove difficult to achieve the desired consistency if the mix is too thick or heavy.

The first self-stirring tool was developed by Üutensil, and the design is so well thought out that the device is able to balance itself and stir at three different speeds. The device is also extremely easy to clean and store.

3. A smart garden

Urban living and housing trends are growing up, not out, which means many people are finding themselves living in apartments and townhouses with no space to grow their own vegetables or herbs. Enter: the smart garden.

A smart garden is perfectly suited for growing and sustaining plant life indoors. It holds a one-month supply of water in its tank (no need for rain or frequent watering) and uses LED lamps to augment plant growth. The best thing about smart gardens is that they can even be controlled by a mobile app!

The latest technology innovations are finding their way into our kitchens, and they are proving to cut cooking time and make a busy person’s life that little bit less stressful.