What can a smart kitchen appliance do to assist with your day-to-day life? It all depends on your perspective, as all our lifestyles have different needs. Whether you have a young family in a suburban home or live a busy life in the city, smart kitchen appliances and devices can make life easier for you. But, what are the central appliances that contribute to a smart kitchen?

Smart fridges

A smart fridge does the expected job of keeping your food fresh, but it also lets you look at it from anywhere. With in-fridge cameras, you can check what’s in your fridge through your smartphone, so you can check what you need when you hit the supermarket.

What’s more, many smart fridges have an item recognition function which identifies a wide range of popular items and digitally labels them. It can then provide useful information about keeping them fresher for longer, and even order new food and drink when you are running a little low, to keep supplies stocked up.

Smart ovens

Want a warm meal ready when you get home in the evening? A smart oven, with a little upfront preparation, makes it easy. Prepare your meal the evening before, and leave it in your smart oven. You can then use your smartphone to turn the oven on remotely so that it’s ready when you arrive home from work.

Plus, if you get unexpectedly delayed on your journey, you can turn the temperature down to keep the food warm. Remember, smart ovens can do more than simply turn on and off. They can receive precise settings from digital cookbooks to deliver dishes cooked precisely how they’re supposed to be done, meaning you get delicious, adventurous meals cooked perfectly, but more impressively, remotely.

Smart coffee machines

A smart coffee machine can make it easier to get up each morning. Simply leave your favourite mug in the coffee machine the evening before, and it will be filled with that delicious nectar to help you wake up on time in the morning. It’s simple but very effective.

Smart dishwashers

Do you find you always run out of dishwasher supplies right when they’re needed? A smart dishwasher will send you reminders when you need more dishwasher tablets. In fact, some smart dishwashers can even order your preferred brand of tablets automatically, so they arrive at your door when they are needed – again, simple but super effective.

These are just a handful of the wide range of IoT connected kitchen capabilities designed to make life easier. There’s plenty more out there, and even more to come as technologies develop further. All these smart appliances will continue evolving and improving – imagine a smart fridge that automatically orders your groceries every week. The potential is exciting.

Photo: Modern Kitchen by PIRO4D licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 Via Pixabay

Author: Appthisway.com