The future is bright for those of us who want to live like Tony Stark. As we look at the growth of technology, the smart home market is set to grow dramatically in the next five years. Some of the reasons that will bring about the adoption of smart home devices in 2019 include the advances in Machine Learning (ML) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Consumers can now afford to purchase numerous smart devices because prices are becoming far lower as the costs of manufacturing and developing are far more competitive.

Let us take a look at some of the smart home trends we expect to see in 2019. Although some of the mentions are already common, these trends are going to continue growing and developing.

Scheduled automation

In our busy schedules, home automation can help us perform menial tasks around the house like opening blinds and turning on/off lights.

Imagine having your smart home routine: the alarm goes off, the lights turn on, the coffee maker starts to percolate, and the smart toaster makes some bagels. Before you are out of bed, most of the routine tasks you perform in the morning are complete.

Voice control

In 2018, there were lots of smart home speakers on the market like Alexa or Google Home. There are now millions of speakers in the market. We are going to see more home smart devices being developed that are voice-activated just like the smart speakers. Customers will be able to use their voice to control almost all the smart devices connected in the smart home ecosystem.

Smart kitchen appliances

In 2019, expect more smart kitchen appliances. There are internet-connected appliances like fridges and ovens. But they are only focused on simple functions like controlling and monitoring. In 2019, we are not only going to control kitchen appliances from anywhere, but we will also have the capacity to cook, or at least provide expert cooking advice.

The results of the kitchen appliances are set to provide amazing gourmet dishes even while we are at work.