As modern tech takes all individuals on an adventure towards the unknown, fashionistas will soon learn there’s more to looking smart than adding a pair of shades! Smart garment technology is set to revolutionise the clothes we wear on a daily basis. If you haven’t heard of smart clothing yet, this summary brings you up to speed.

What are smart wearables?

Forget about smartwatches for the time being, and imagine the benefits offered by smart textiles that can monitor your essential body functions to ensure the best of health. AI Silk is a Japanese invention and consists of conductive material which is of immense interest to the medical and health sectors. These raw silk fabric garments are completely washable and will enable the better collection of vital information currently recorded by medical electrodes.

The experts at Pireta in the UK have gone one step further and developed a technique for printing conductible designs and patterns directly onto fabrics. This smart fabric manufacturer says that the conductive patterns will have absolutely no impact on the performance or comfort of any fabric, even washable yarns. The Pireta invention is one of many developments that will help bring smart wearables into everyday living.

If you’re not already convinced, take a peek at the Commuter Trucker jacket from Levi to check out some of the ways smart fabrics will enable truly hands-free interactions with phones and other smart devices.

When will I be able to buy smart clothes in my local fashion outlets?

At the moment, all the different uses for smart garments are under development. The Pireta invention is likely to have uses across a wide range of markets, including sport, fashion, defence and healthcare.

You can already buy the smart Levi Trucker Jacket, which features Google technology in the cuffs of the sleeve. However, mainstream manufacturers are mainly taking a step back on this technology, in order to ensure comfort and wearability are paramount.

It’s already forecast that smart clothing will be one of the fastest-growing sectors by 2022, so it’s really just a case of watch this space!.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay