Many people who want to start a business in 3D printing often have false insights about the market or technology. Large mainstream media companies can be seen as the cause of this, so down below are some common myths surrounding this industry which will now be debunked.

Everyone talks about 3D printing

This isn’t completely true. It’s still a small corner managed by tight groups of experts, as the main users of are advanced medicine and industry. You probably don’t talk about it over lunch. The media treat it like a wonder and that’s why memorable elements about it are shown in the news.

Now is a good time to become involved, as later will be too late

On the one hand, if you have a good idea and can effectively put it into practice, it’s never too late to start in any industry. On the other hand, starting in 3D printing can be complicated and problematic, as companies who are in it have strong positions and competing with them can be difficult. It’s not just about the price, it’s about how innovative the products are or services offered.

Everybody needs 3D prints

An interest in 3D printing is growing, yet the problem is that people still don’t know that much about it. Companies still prefer conventional methods when making prototypes, either by casting or milling. This is because they are not informed of alternative ways.

3D printing is cheap

From buying the printer to making the products, the bill will be quite high. When it does become cheaper, a price war will start. This, of course, doesn’t mean that prices should be increased to a ridiculous amount. You gain loyal customers with innovation, not a low price. A low cost should be the last resort.

3D will revolutionise everything

3D printing has revolutionised certain parts of life, yet not a lot of people are aware of it. Producing tools and implants have now been speeded up due to 3D printing, yet media topics are normally based on scientific researches, not the everyday stuff.