With the announcement that the UK has entered a month lockdown this winter, many of us are moving back into our home offices. If your company is looking at a season of remote working, then here are some software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions you should consider.

Communications SaaS

We’ve all heard that the key to success is effective communication, but achieving this in remote work settings can pose a challenge. Having a business-specific communication service can help you stay on top of your teamwork while in lockdown.

As well as video calling software, you can have group chat functions and remote monitoring systems so you can check in with your teammates from wherever you are. Alternatively, for customer service teams or call centres, you can invest in a remote telecommunications system.

Cloud storage and backup solutions

Now that most of us are no longer using in-house desktops plugged into the central server, we need to find new ways to store and backup our essential documents. There are plenty of business-orientated SaaS subscriptions out there, providing adequate cloud services to accommodate your whole team.

Sales tools

If your business is moving from in-person to online, then it might be time to update your sales tools. Some point-of-sales SaaS may offer options for accepting online payments, but it might be time to upgrade to something more versatile in the current climate.

Project management system

Monday morning briefings may look a little different from now on, but with SaaS project management systems, you can ensure your projects stay on track. Choose from collaboration software for anything from Gantt charts to Kanban boards or even a traditional to-do list; there is a wide range of services so you can find the best for your team’s needs.


Throughout all of our changing work lives, it’s vital to stay on top of cybersecurity. The sheer range of devices, wifi networks, servers, and services we use in remote working could leave your company vulnerable to a data leak. So, find a SaaS cybersecurity system that will accommodate your remote working and keep you all safe.

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Author: Appthisway.com