We all know how great virtual reality is in terms of the gaming sector. It makes any video game much more entertaining by putting you right in the heart of the action. In all the excitement though, it can be forgotten that VR has a whole host of practical uses beyond merely keeping us amused. Large-scale VR is set to shape our future in so many useful ways and really help us to live better.

The great news is that this is something which is starting to happen already. Many sectors now are using VR technology to help them work smarter, more efficiently and solve more problems. Here are a few of the industries making the best use of VR right now.

Auto industry

The automotive sector has been one of the real pioneers in using VR. Designers and engineers can wear VR headsets to plan out their ideas for new cars. They can experiment with how different features look and get a much clearer idea of the finished product before commissioning costly prototype models. Big names like BMW regularly use VR for this purpose to save money and spot design flaws earlier. It is not just money that is being saved on building fewer prototypes. Fewer test models mean fewer resources used which is kinder to the planet.


E-commerce is great but does have one major flaw – we can’t try out clothes before buying them. VR tech is changing this with next-gen body scanning tools. This allows people to try on items virtually and find out if they fit or if they look good on them. It is thought that this tech will become more widely seen soon with big names like ASOS ready to roll it out. Another use for VR in retail is simply VR department stores being opened online to shop in. eBay has already launched one with Myer recently, so others may soon follow.


The Travel industry is another that has started to incorporate VR into what it offers. This has seen certain operators allow you to take virtual tours of possible destinations and hotels before you book. The most well-known example was the recent (now defunct) Thomas Cook who had earlier pioneered their ‘Try Before You Fly’ VR tool. Google also uses VR technology in its Expeditions tool. This allows people to travel around the world without leaving their sofa!

Author: Appthisway.com