If you own business or even residential premises and would like to install solar panels but have been holding back because you didn’t think your roof was up to the job, we have some good news for you. Recent advances in solar energy products have resulted in the development of lightweight, flexible solar panels.

No need to install extensive frameworks

Using solar energy to source the electricity you use in your business or home previously meant having to install solar panels that were significantly heavy. Not only did this mean that your roof had to be substantially sound from a structural, load-bearing point of view; there was also an issue with drilling holes in roofing surfaces to anchor down the framework.

Peel and stick technology make panels impervious to high winds

Another problem that most premises’ owners had to take into account had to do with the weather. If the area in which the building is located is subject to strong winds, it can cause a conventional solar panel framework to shift and damage the roof.

Lightweight, flexible solar panels do away with all of these worries. It’s not just the fact that these solar energy-absorbing panels are significantly lighter than their conventional counterparts; they come complete with a self-adhesive backing covering the entire rear surface of the panel. It makes installation an absolute breeze as they can be laid straight onto the roof substrate.

With an average weight of only 3.5 kg/m2, no roof reinforcing or extra ballasting is necessary, and with the simple peel and stick technology, these flexible solar panels can be very easy to install.

Trending in the architectural world

In a drive to make better use of solar energy technology, many architects are now building lightweight, flexible, solar panels into smart building designs and specifications. However. It is not just new-build premises that can benefit from this new solar energy development; you can install them retrospectively too.

Anybody who thought they had missed the boat in being able to reap the benefits of solar energy can think again. They can not only become serious eco-warriors, but they can realise the benefits of getting cheaper or free electricity in the future too.

Author: Appthisway.com