There might be mixed thoughts about using a Virtual reality (VR) device. Maybe it’s the worry of injury, or eye strain, or the belief boredom will quickly set in soon after you invest in a virtual reality product.

There are however lots to do and many benefits to having virtual reality in the home – as long as you take regular breaks and use it in a safe environment.

What’s more, the library of compatible games is slowly growing thanks to big names like Sony becoming more involved. So, what are some of the best aspects of owning a virtual reality device?

Improving fitness

If you’ve spent time on any fitness equipment, you’ll know that after a while it can become boring. The unpredictable weather can mean going outside can also be off-limits. Newly launched virtual reality treadmills are changing the way users approach fitness. You might think you can only walk, run or jog in a fixed path on a treadmill. However, with VR treadmills, this is not the case. Some virtual reality treadmills have changed to allow 360-degree movement by using a series of smaller treadmills in each direction. Bowling a ball, or walking around a virtual reality location can all be achieved just as easily as walking around your local park.

Visiting exciting places

Want to visit a beach or climb Mount Everest? Virtual reality users also can visit their dream locations. Maybe the user has a phobia of travelling on a plane and their only option is to see beautiful places on screen. Virtual reality allows steps to be taken and paths to be made in the user’s own time.

Live event coverage

With the help of virtual reality, you can watch live event coverage from the comfort of your own bed or sofa. Whether it’s a concert or football game, VR helps people watch live entertainment even when they cannot travel to the required destination.

Assists in computer-aided designs

With the help of virtual reality, architects and designers can witness their designs standing upright before them and can help them notice any design flaws that there might be, as well as assisting in creating better versions. VR also simulates the buildings toppling, which saves the architects from creating a structure that would be dangerous.

Virtual marketplace

This is an interesting benefit of virtual reality, as you can create virtual marketplaces where people can buy food, clothes and much more by simply wearing a headset and managing a controller. This is beneficial for people who are unable to leave their homes, as it creates some self-independence by giving them the freedom to choose their own groceries.

Saves money

Virtual reality can also help you save money, as it can enable you to hold work meetings without having to travel, which saves time, money and expenses. It also allows you to teach workshops from your workspace without having the students there with you, which saves you from buying the materials. Another important benefit of this is that doctors can inspect patients without having to drive to them, which not only saves money but also the lives of the more critical patients who need urgent attention.

Developing social skills and confidence

Those who are socially anxious or who might have body confidence issues can find standing in front of a crowd or playing a sport difficult. Virtual reality can help to slowly change behaviour, giving the person the confidence of knowing they can succeed in an endeavour they once thought they couldn’t do.

Virtual reality allows people to become someone else, at least temporarily – whether it’s a Minecraft character or their favourite superhero. With a growing list of games being made available both on gaming consoles, mobile phones, and fitness equipment, there will be a character everyone can choose and feel proud to embody.

Accessible to all

The vast world of virtual reality can be experienced on a range of devices and at a lower price than you might think. If you are new to VR, then even your phone can become a semi-virtual reality device providing an inexpensive entry. There are also 3D glasses which are more expensive but which offer a higher quality screen enhancing the user experience.

Virtual reality is an exciting technology, whether you’re young or old. So, whether you’re interested in taking your fitness to the next level, learning a new sport, visiting a dream place, or developing life skills like improved social confidence, virtual reality has lots to offer.