Creatives and artists at large have voiced little concern over the prospect of their jobs being at risk of automation. In their eyes, it seems that while robots may be able to help them with the mundane aspects of their work-life, creativity remains a trait that simply cannot be replicated.

However, they may have more reason to be worried than they first thought, as it has become increasingly apparent that Artificial Intelligence is capable of creating art that is indistinguishable from that made by humans. There are computer-generated songs that are receiving millions of streams a month on Spotify, AI-generated stories which are being published in high profile publications, and artwork created by robots being shown in prestigious galleries.

Is AI capable of generating art to the same standard as humans?

Some argue that while robots are capable of producing art that is objectively ‘good’, art only becomes art when there is a human emotion attached to it. Others, however, argue that the production of a robot so intricately designed so that it can create art is an art in and of itself, becoming a marvel of human creation and skill level from the moment of its conception.

And of course – art itself is a subjective thing. Whether it holds meaning is in the eye of the beholder, whether one piece of art is better than the other will be decided on no matter the creator, despite the debate surrounding it.

The war between the creatives and AI will rage on

And yet there is no doubt that creatives will look at the work of Artificial Intelligence and sneer, and the people who create these complex applications will continue to go above and beyond to defy expectations of what AI and robots are really capable of, and they will continue to voice their differences even after some form of conclusion is decided upon.

However, when it comes down to it, as consumers look at pieces of art – manmade or otherwise – most will be none the wiser to who the real artist is.

More than just creativity

There may be no other industry which is moving faster than Artificial intelligence and robotics. It is also refining business processes, furthermore making our lives easier at home thanks to smart technologies that save time and improve efficiency. Such as;

AI assistants

As AI assistants improve, companies can scale back on their customer service operations because of the increasing ability of chatbots to service requests. Easy and effective, these assistants can help us to get to the information we need more quickly. This will incorporate voice search – such as Alexa and Siri – which looks set to take up a larger overall share of the search market during the 2020’s.

AI in cybersecurity

As we rely more on computers and online operations, the need to thwart cyberattacks becomes non-negotiable. AI is set to play an even bigger part in this sector throughout the years ahead, as machine learning becomes integral to detecting security breaches and developing ways to guard against them. There is only so much a human can do when it comes to complex cyber-attacks. We will need machines to help if we are going to respond effectively to the latest threats.

Facial recognition

Why do we need to carry ID cards, or even swipe our smartphones, if all we need to do is show our face? Facial recognition technology is set to become more affordable in 2020. That means organisations can verify employees and visitors with the greatest of ease, and accuracy. Thanks to the big investments which have been made into this technology, we can expect to see facial recognition come to the fore.

National AI

Governments around the world are switching onto the benefits of AI. And that means the investment is coming increasingly from the public, as well as private sectors. With benefits to security, public sector processes and the economy, in the 2020’s we could see more countries pour funding into AI research projects, with the hope of gaining a competitive edge.

AI has made big waves over the past several years, however, the next decade will be the most significant for this exciting industry.