Chances are you already have a smart speaker in your home, and if not, you will probably be getting one soon. With millions of artificial intelligence devices already sold and millions more on the way, smart speakers have enjoyed one of the fastest periods of market penetration in the history of technology.

Consumers everywhere have been drawn to these devices, and owners have found countless ways to use them. Some forward-looking parents and teachers are even incorporating Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers into their classroom activities, much to the delight of their students and children.

Whether you are a home-schooling parent or a teacher, there are many different ways to turn the smart speaker you already own into a powerful learning tool. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Voice Dictation for Speech Practice

If your child or the students in your classroom are having problems with their speech, a smart speaker could be a powerful learning tool. By using the voice dictation feature on the smart speaker, students can practice their speech, improve their speech patterns and even gain the confidence they need for public speaking.

Help for Students with Writing Difficulties

Students with physical disabilities and other limitations may have trouble writing, and it can be difficult for teachers to accommodate these learning differences. By using the smart speakers in their homes and classrooms, parents and teachers can help those with writing difficulties letting students dictate their response and demonstrate their mastery of the material in a nonwritten format.

Encouraging Curiosity

Curiosity is a vital prerequisite to learning, and just having a smart speaker in the home or classroom encourages kids to ask questions. The classroom full of kids can take turns asking Alexa or Google Home funny and probing questions, gauging the responses and learning new things every single day. On the college level, students can use smart speakers to learn about campus activities, support services and get information on upcoming lectures

From kindergarten to college, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other smart speakers are changing the way students learn and teachers teach. Whether you are a parent or an educator, you can use the smart speaker you already own to make learning more fun and engaging for the next generation of students. Once you get going, you will no doubt come up with even more creative uses for your smart speaker, so you can create a fun learning environment in your home or classroom.