Various industries are applying deep learning (DL) to improve physical science in ways that enhance or complement the decision-making and performance of systems. Thanks to deep learning, it is possible to carry out accurate, swift and advanced analytics on large volumes of data. It is becoming increasingly common to encounter some aspect of DL in most business sectors. Here are just some of the ways deep learning is currently benefitting society.

Safer and smarter cities

With the rapid technological advancements in almost every sphere, data has been transformed into the core around which the modern city revolves. Deep learning is critical to the analysis of data that has been captured by sensors around the world. The massive data streams are being analysed into invaluable insight for applications such as traffic control and law enforcement within cities.

Improved healthcare

DL has become an important part of various medical applications. Transformations have been witnessed in medical imaging, genome analysis and discovery of new drugs. At the heart of these advancements is the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), where its applications are used in the delivery of various possibilities and efficiencies. Physicians, medical researchers and clinicians are becoming empowered in their work.

Evolution of retail

A seismic shift has been witnessed as customers and retailers move from traditional experiences. The new perspective on the retail landscape has been necessitated by the cut-throat competition as well as informed buyers who have been quick to adopt new technologies. DL in retail has also been used in supply chain optimisation, increasing existing data for conversion, customising buyer experience and micro-targeting.

Other applications

DL is a wide area that has spanned across many sectors. DL is being used in building smarter robots that can effectively interact within their environments. In the transport sector, DL is used in design, manufacturing, and driving of vehicles. With the addition of robust safety in driving and analysis for optimal routes, travelling is expected to become more efficient. DL has also benefitted various applications such as the generation of image captions, automatic gaming, handwriting generation and machine translation.

Expect DL to be an important component of your life and work. DL has been one of the AI technologies that have shown great promise and strong performance in key sectors. Accuracy and efficiency are now achievable in many areas of business through the application of insights gained from data analytics.