Drones, also known as UAV’s, are often in the media spotlight for the wrong reasons. When used correctly by a professional, drones provide benefits to many industries, assisting the military, manufacturing, agriculture and security industries. So, how are they making a positive difference? Read on to find out more…


Safety is essential, and the military has used drones to provide support during their missions in Syria and Afghanistan. Closer to home, surveillance drones have been used to monitor areas where there is an increased threat to safety. Security personnel can prepare for any disasters in advance and events can be run more effectively. Drones also offer a safer and more reliable way of recording data, which can quickly be transferred from high above the ground to the hands of emergency services or security agencies.


Being able to see from above is vital for drawing accurate plans. Photographs which are taken from above can quickly be turned into accurate sketches without outlaying high costs of flying overhead in an aircraft. If a building needs to be viewed from a different angle, drones can quickly be flown to a specific place, and a photograph can be taken. In the past aeroplanes would have had to be used, which were costly and time-consuming. Another added advantage includes being able to identify weaknesses before the construction phase.


Drones are rarely thought of when it comes to farming, but agriculture drones provide help in a variety of ways. Farmers have to harvest when the crop is at the optimal stage of growth. Drones can monitor the efficiency of a crop. They can also be fitted with specialist equipment to help carry out duties from treating plants to fertilising the agricultural land. Agriculture drones are often equipped with infrared cameras to support changing weather conditions and day and night cycles. These machines can also help when checking hard to reach areas like in harsh terrain where often livestock are hard to observe.

Drones are making a positive impact all around us. As technology continues to develop, we will most likely see these brilliant machines used in more areas.

Author: Appthisway.com