Those looking for a little assistance without hiring a contract cleaner will likely take a shine to a new vacuum called the iRobot Roomba i7+. This self-contained solution can care for living spaces using its enhanced robotics leaving you more free time.

In this post, we’ll explore the iRobot Roomba’s capabilities so you can see for yourself whether this innovative aid is an option you’d like to adopt.

Months of capable cleaning

iRobot has been honing its innovations and expertise in robotics for 30 years and has sold more than 30 million robots to homes around the world. The iRobot Roomba has been engineered to allow homeowners to forget about the time-consuming chore of vacuuming for up to 60 days at a time.

During the two-month stretch, the Roomba will automatically empty its dedicated bin into an accessory called the “Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal” unit using “AllergenLock” bags. The bags have four separate layers of allergen blocking synthetic material that can effectively trap 99 per cent of unwanted mould and pollen.

Flexible help under your control

The Roomba will clean how, when and where you wish it to, and uses an advanced navigation system to clean up the messes where you want. If there are areas you don’t want the Roomba to enter, you can also put limits on its access.

The state-of-the-art smart navigation and mapping mean that you can send the robot vacuum to any location around your home you wish to, with a quick command to your voice assistant. The Roomba is fully compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices established in your home already.

No task is too large

Finally, when it comes to cleaning up, the Roomba can cope with any task and can even offer helpful recommendations. Large debris, tiny dust particles and even difficult messes can be dealt with using its innovative 3-step cleaning system employing powerful suction and twin multi-surface brushes.

The Roomba will listen to the sound of your voice and learn the cleaning habits you keep, it can also offer you advice such as additional cleaning when pets shed or allergy season rolls around.

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash