The last couple of years have shown amazing technological advancement, and one of the most exciting and ‘futuristic’ progressions is the rise of Smart Home technology. The idea that you can walk into your house and command your lights to come on, music to play and make calls without ever touching a piece of equipment is the kind of thing that television and movies have been trailing for years, and now it’s finally here. But where to begin bringing your home into the future?

Google Home

It’s a close call between Google Home and Amazon Echo, as they are both home ‘assistants’ which create the very hub of your smart home. Google have the edge, at the moment, thanks to the casting abilities (allowing you to watch Netflix, Youtube etc on your television, as opposed to just one, branded streaming service), and the default search engine (Google, rather than Microsoft Bing). Google Home connects to any other smart technology you bring into the home, allowing you to do things like watch television, play music, turn on lights, make calls and search the internet without ever having to touch a screen.

Nest Home

A range of smart home products including Nest Thermostat, which can be adjusted from your phone or connected to Google or Alexa and worked remotely, and learns your behaviours to make sure you always have heating and hot water when you need it. Nest Protect is a beautiful smoke and carbon monoxide detector that will alert your phone when it goes off. Nest also offers a video doorbell that provides crystal clear video of your doorstep with 24-hour streaming, so that you can always check on your home, even if you are away.

Samsung Powerbot

If you’re looking to have a completely hands-free home, you’ve got to have a robot vacuum cleaner. The Samsung Powerbot R7070 can be connected to your Google Assistant and scheduled so that it keeps floors clean even when you are not there. It is also able to get into corners and remove dust and dirt where other vacuum cleaners struggle.