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What is Appthisway?2019-02-20T09:33:56+00:00

Appthisway is an industry 4.0 search directory, blog and marketplace in the making. We are currently developing our backend platform to enable start-ups and entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large corporations to list and sell their products and services, whether hardware or software, physical or digital, from VR headsets, downloadable 3d printed files, to SaaS subscriptions and much more. For more information, please visit our about page.

My company is listed. How do I claim or remove it?2019-02-18T12:15:01+00:00

You can claim your listing by clicking the ‘claim listing’ button in the right-hand sidebar of the listing page. We will then be notified by email of your listing claim. Once approved you will be notified by email, where you can manage, amend and make any relevant changes to your listing.

If you want a listing removed without setting up an account, please notify us by using our contact form, or email us directly.

Can i sell products and services directly on appthisway?2019-02-18T12:09:56+00:00

Appthisway wants you to list as much detailed information as possible; this includes product overviews, media, technical specifications and any associated collateral. The content level is ultimately under your control and can be dependent on your price package.

For additional items such as selling physical goods and/or digital downloads, our backend platform is still undergoing development. This will enable advanced e-commerce features in order to sell directly through the appthisway marketplace. Coming soon!

Why can’t i find the product or service i’m looking for?2019-02-18T12:11:46+00:00

We try and ensure we list as many different technologies as possible, but with so many start-ups, developers and companies out there, our list is continuously growing and evolving, or there are some we have yet to learn about! You can add your listing here. Or make a suggestion.

How much does it cost?2019-02-18T12:13:36+00:00

Entry listing packages are free of charge and take just a few minutes to complete.

Alternatively, you can opt for a smart listing or ultimate listing package for more exposure.

How do i contact appthisway?2019-02-18T12:17:39+00:00

You can use our contact form, or alternatively, email us at [email protected]

I forgot my login / password2019-02-20T09:32:37+00:00

For security reasons, we cannot provide a copy of your chosen password. If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the reset username/password option in the login section.

What is your privacy and GDPR policy?2019-02-20T09:34:05+00:00

You can read through our privacy and GDPR compliancy policy here

What are your terms and conditions?2019-02-18T12:22:18+00:00

You can read our full Terms and Conditions here

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