Our world is developing new technology faster than ever before, revolutionising the way businesses, jobs and societal structures operate. The current COVID-19 pandemic is speeding up this 4th industrial revolution even further, so let’s take a look at what will be the driving force of the next decade.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

From product recommendations on Amazon to Google searches and Spotify and Netflix suggestions, artificial intelligence is already a well-established part of our daily lives. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of technology to carry out tasks, predict future outcomes and make decisions based on what the technology learns from the data it collects.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is already the foundation for a wide range of other trends in technology and as we become more reliant on machines carrying out human-like processes, this tech is only going to develop further.

Genomics and gene editing

Genomics is a field of biology focussed on the manipulation and understanding of the genomes and DNA of living organisms. Within the field of genomics, gene editing is a form of technology that uses genetic engineering to change the genetic structure and DNA of living organisms.

Since 2003, when the first human genome was sequenced, sophisticated software tools and powerful computers have been continually developed to help us understand the human genome.

Biotechnology has now become so advanced that it is now able to change the DNA from within cells and control the characteristics that its offspring will develop, which could be utilised in the future to improve the body’s resistance against certain hereditary diseases.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is the process by which computers can be operated at a subatomic level, which will allow us to develop computers in the future that are millions of times more powerful than today’s supercomputers. For the moment, computers operated by binary code are sufficient to carry out generic tasks but we might see the rise of quantum computing in the future in fields such as genomics and artificial intelligence.

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