Thanks to big data and digital marketing, companies are discovering newer methods of showing off their products to the general public.

Whether this has been in newspapers, the radio, television, or just in the form of a billboard, businesses are always on the lookout for the next major step forward in advertising.

Digital signage is one such step forward and could prove to be revolutionary in coming years, as big data continues to reign supreme.

Several brands in a single space

Digital signage allows for a simple advantage that traditional signage just can’t provide, and that is the ability to show off multiple brands in one space in no time at all.

Traditional billboards are pasted up with posters and images of the latest perfume or model of car, with no flexibility in their usage.

With a digital billboard, advertising companies can significantly increase their potential revenue by working with several clients at any one time, and advertising at the best times for each company.

Flexible, targeted advertising

Whilst typical billboards are only accessible by a single brand at any one time, digital billboards aren’t only accessible by several companies at any one time, but can also be targeted.

By using big data, marketing companies can establish exactly what times are best for their product to be on display, for example, a productivity service during a commute or a restaurant at lunchtime.

Targeting advertisements will make them far more effective, drawing in more customers and increasing the revenue of not only the businesses selling their products but the signage company who can now charge more.

The future

Although big data has been integral in forcing through innovations to date, it has so much further to go.

By assessing the location data of individuals against their interests, a company could theoretically change their adverts at high speed, targeting each individual commuter as they pass.

This may be stretching the bounds of possibility but the rate at which technology is advancing makes highly tailored adverts in the public space imaginable.

Marketing software is already being applied to personal devices, and their application in digital signage and billboards could be just around the corner.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay