Every year, top global technology research consultants Gartner reveals its list of key technology trends to watch out for in the future… and here’s a selection of what they think will be hot stuff in business tech over the next 12 months:

1) The Internet of Behaviours

Gartner can take credit for the catchy name here – it first christened this emerging trend in its tech tips for 2020. But what exactly is the Internet of Behaviours?

In essence, it is the science and technology by which businesses or government organisations use behavioural data to manage the way people think and act. Think track-and-trace systems, facial recognition technology or information gleaned from health monitoring wearable tech.

2) Total Experience

This is more a strategic approach than a specific technology but, in basic terms, total experiences (TX) is the merging of an organisation’s points of contact into a more harmonious whole.

TX brings together user experience, employee experience, customer experience and multi-experience (this last being the end-users experience with an organisation via multiple entrance points).

Gartner reckons TX strategy will be a key tech trend as part of the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, as interactions between customers and companies become more distributed, variable and remote.

3) Anywhere Operations

This is the idea of IT operations for organisations supporting highly distributed operations. With the dramatic shift to home-working in 2020, salespeople, buyers, employees and support workers are now often all working from home – or indeed anywhere.

Gartner says that 40 per cent of organisations will have fully ramped up their ability to support anywhere operations by 2023.

4) AI Engineering

In a way, this is the concept of AI growing up. Gartner says that only half of AI projects make it from the prototype stage to reach final production. AI engineering is all about installing proper engineering discipline and structure to the AI world, particularly for end-user organisations.

5) Hyperautomation

The focus on automating repetitive manual tasks has been around for some time, but the scope of automation in businesses and other organisations is rapidly evolving.

It’s stepped up from task-based to process-based (i.e multiple tasks to form a process) and is even moving up to the business ecosystem-level – i.e functional automation across several processes.

Image by chenspec from Pixabay

Author: Appthisway.com