From 3D movies and TV to gaming consoles, 3D imaging has changed the face of technology as we once knew it. Being easily accessible and wildly popular, this technology is becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world today.

Over the past few years, the number of organizations that incorporate 3D imaging into their production process has skyrocketed, and it’s not hard to see why. With so many new advancements in visualisation technologies, businesses are now exploring limitless opportunities for improved design and quality control.

3D imaging works by creating an illusion of depth in a picture. This is done by manipulating two-dimensional data from an image into a 3D format with the use of many different technologies. The resulting 3D rendering is used for all kinds of testing and examination purposes, making it ideal for use in countless industrial settings.

From agriculture and medicine to entertainment and security, the applications of 3D imaging are many and diverse. Let’s go over four of the most important uses for this technology.

1. Prosthetics

3D imaging is used together with 3D printing to develop high-quality limb prosthetics. These two technologies, when combined together can create many prosthetics quickly by allowing for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. The materials used during this process are very cost-effective, making limb replacements affordable to anyone who needs it.

2. Safe surgery

Medical professionals use 3D imaging technology to design extremely accurate anatomical models. These help them explore the human body in greater detail to improve their understanding. These models also allow surgeons to plan out surgical processes thoroughly before they begin operating on the real patient.

3. Touchable 3D images for gaming

Virtual reality is making a comeback in gaming, with many tech giants looking to combine 3D imaging and gaming. The best of these efforts were made by a tech firm in Japan, who revealed a new 3D imaging technology in 2014 that allows gamers to touch 3D images using virtual reality. This technology claims to allow users to push and pull objects that can be seen on the monitor.

4. Space tools

3D imaging technology is used by astronauts in the international space station to design and print any tools they need, even at 220 miles above the earth’s surface. This allows them to make any quick repairs they need to make without having to wait for replacement parts.


3d/pointPickerExample by Kyle McDonald licensed under Creative Commons 4.0