Using a delivery drone may well be the future of logistics and transportation, with major companies such as Amazon piloting the scheme. In this article, we’ll discuss four of the huge benefits of switching to drone delivery businesses and what we can expect in the future.

Fast delivery to all locations

Deliveries via car, lorry or van can take days, if not weeks, to arrive because of many factors, including traffic or difficult access to rural locations. However, switching to a delivery drone would cancel out these factors. Drones would be able to reach rural locations in the same amount of time as those in urban areas without running into any traffic in the air to slow them down.

Conservation of energy

Traditional delivery methods are responsible for a high level of emissions into the atmosphere, whereas a drone would be responsible for far less. Drones require fewer logistics and, while this would mean fewer job opportunities in certain sectors, there would be an increase in positions required for drone maintenance and programming.


Delivery drones are a far safer delivery method as there is no risk of road traffic accidents where drivers could be involved in a collision. Delivery drivers assume a certain level of risk when they leave for work in the morning due to their constant driving on the road. Drones, on the other hand, have no risk of human injury as it is all done via robotics.

Vital aids

In countries devastated by war, it is sometimes impossible to get necessary and life-saving supplies to ground-level without great risk. Using delivery drones for this purpose would change the world and how we interact with it. Drones could potentially save lives without risking harm to those who are supplying these vital aids, making them the technology of the future.

There are many more pros to switching from land-delivery services to drone delivery, but these are four of the major arguments in favour of the industry at the moment. Here at Appthisway, we’re dedicated to keeping you updated on the latest and greatest technological advancements, so check back regularly for more.