The world of marketing has changed considerably over the last couple of decades. Where once marketing took a scattergun approach, the digital landscape means that targeted messaging is now a real possibility. It’s all driven by big data – and it’s everywhere in digital marketing, not least in the realm of machine learning. As technology grows, you can expect to see machine learning powering marketing campaigns across the world. Here are 3 ways it could mean a new paradigm for digital marketing.

Machine learning makes crafting ad creative a science

Writing ad copy for online advertisements is no easy task, and it’s not always seen as a very accurate endeavour. But with machine learning tools carrying out detailed A/B testing, marketers will be able to understand which of their headlines and descriptions work best. Of course, A/B testing is nothing new, but advanced machine learning will be able to mix and match ad copy at a granular level, tweaking and refining until the most effective option is found.

Learned user behaviour can enable precision-targeted messaging

Making bids on an online advertising platform can sometimes feel like a shot in the dark, especially when your audience isn’t well defined. With advances in machine learning, marketers will be able to see exactly how users are interacting with their ads, then use this information to refine targeting parameters. For example, an algorithm may notice that more users click your ad between 5 pm and 7 pm, then make adjustments for you accordingly. This is just one example of truly data-driven advertising.

Machine learning unlocks true customer intent attribution

Customer intent is far more than a marketing buzzword – it’s the secret sauce that all marketers want to tap into. After all, online advertising is really about predicting a user’s behaviour, then delivering messaging to the places you think they’ll be. With deep learning like this, marketers will be able to see the full journey of a user before they land on a website, rather than just the last click they made. This data is like gold dust and allows an algorithm to build a far more accurate customer profile based on real behaviours.

While machine learning is still in its infancy, it’s really just a matter of time before it transforms the whole digital marketing landscape.