Modern businesses need modern marketing solutions. Digital signage uses technologies such as LED and LCD to display your marketing materials in a whole new way.

These handy screens can show images, videos, webpages, and text, all while being adaptable to your business needs and products. Here are three ways digital signage can help innovate your business.

Advertise products and prices

Remember when you used to have to reprint your menu and specials every time an item changed? Or update all your marketing materials each time your price list altered? With digital signage, you eliminate this problem by installing a digital signage solution.

With these electronic devices, you can advertise daily deals and upcoming events when you need. They are especially helpful in the restaurant industry when the menu changes depending on the time of day.

Media companies use digital signs as well, allowing their marketing materials to mirror their product or service.

Interact with customers

Ninety per cent of consumers want more visual and interactive marketing. That’s a lot of customers. With QR codes and interactive quizzes, you can make your marketing stand out to every customer that comes through the door. Or you can display your existing digital marketing from social media onto your signage and increase engagement through that. Plus, with interactive advertising on a digital platform, you’ll be able to gather analytics and evaluate which marketing methods work best for you.

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Future proof your business

Paper flyers, posters, and billboards cost money as well as the environment, making them wasteful expenditures. While digital signage may have a higher upfront price tag, think of it as an investment in your company’s future.

They also give your business a contemporary and chic look, helping you to create a fun and vibrant atmosphere for customers, enhancing your reputation. Whether you’re going all out with a multi-screen video wall or keeping it simple with a single large-format screen, there is something to suit your business needs.

Their customisable design means you can adapt digital signs in line with your future. For a smart business, you need smart signage.

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Image by Vlad Chețan from Pexels