The use of commercial drones within many industries such as surveying and agriculture is growing with each passing year. As more sectors begin to see the efficiencies and safety drones can deliver along with the greater business opportunities, they are being adopted on a wider scale. As 2019 gets into full swing, many are beginning to look ahead to see what the rest of the year could have in store for commercial drone use.

Here are some of the key trends that many industry experts think we may see during 2019.

Steady growth at a more relaxed pace

Although the forecast for the commercial drone industry is positive, many think that the rapid growth of previous years may slow a little. If this happens, it will be mainly down to the number of drone pilots who are certified to operate commercially falling. This will not only be down to fewer pilots entering the sector but also those commercial drone companies who are not making money will drop out of the industry.

Greater regulation

One area around the use of commercial drones that is pretty certain to see movement is regulation. Pretty much all countries that allow drones to operate for business are set to review this and 2019 may see new laws come into effect. The FAA in America for example look set to bring in their remote identification requirements for commercial drones and Europe is also trying to set a regulatory framework for their use. Expect the coming months to see more rules in place for using business drones.

Tech developments for drones

Of course, the other trend we can expect to see for commercial drones in 2019 is the development of new, more advanced machines to pilot. As consumers hire drone pilots to perform more complex tasks then the technology in commercial drones will become far more advanced. Expect to see features like updated artificial intelligence and more capable smart sensors for autonomy on-board to help when in flight.

Commercial drone use to remain popular

Although 2019 may see a steadier rate of growth than in previous years, there is no doubt that drones will be a valuable tool for many industries to use. The cost-effective solutions commercial drone hire provides means it will still be widely used within many commercial settings.