Drones are not new in today’s society by any stretch of the imagination. The technology has now been around for a while and has become increasingly popular as time has gone on. The rise in the popularity of drones has seen it move from being used purely by government and business into the public sphere. Of course, this has seen common uses for drones crop up, from conducting aerial surveys to airborne photography.

There are, however, some more unusual uses for this kind of technology.


Drones have started to be used by some winemakers to help them produce better quality grapes in larger volumes. This technique sees infrared cameras on the machines themselves detecting what the naked eye cannot see as the drone flies over. Doing this allows wine producers to scan vines for disease, analyse leaf respiration, check the predicted yield and then take any further action needed. Not only does using an agriculture drone save lots of time in doing all this manually, but it can help to produce a better harvest.

Life-saving drones

Although still in its infancy for certain industries, drone tech is already available to help save lives. Staff at the Delft University of Technology in Holland have produced an Ambulance Drone to assist in emergencies. The idea is that the drone can quickly fly to any urgent accident scene and deliver supplies and instruction until paramedics arrive. Fitted with two-way communication tech and video capability, the drone is able to reach awkward spots quickly and advise those present on what to do next.

Industrial inspections

In any industrial premises, there can be hard to reach places which need regular inspection to stay in a safe working condition. The current problem with sending people into them is the risk to life or the chance of picking up injuries whilst there. Industrial inspection drones help to solve this by removing the need for a human to squeeze into tight, unsafe spaces. They also cut down on inspection times and help to drive cost-saving efficiencies in business. These specialist drones are able to withstand collisions when working and are fitted with onboard LEDs and high-resolution cameras for data collection.

The bottom line is that drones can be used for a wide range of purposes to help make things safer and more efficient. As more and more sectors begin to use this technology to their advantage, we will only see drones used for more and more unusual tasks in the future.

Author: Appthisway.com