While still a relatively new technology, the opportunities for drones and UAVs are endless. Their potential for future use spans across a multitude of complex industries and sectors.

Big corporate names such as Amazon and Google are developing new ways and means of how to incorporate drones into their business model.

Here we discuss some of the potential uses of drones that could be utilised in the not-so-far future:

Emergency response

When fitted with thermal imaging cameras, drones can provide emergency response teams with an effective way of identifying victims that would otherwise be difficult to find.

There has already been evidence of drones managing to save people from life-threatening situations, proving that this technology could have the potential to dramatically increase survival rates.


An increasing issue across the world is the health of our wildlife, with worryingly high numbers of species being predicted to go extinct each year.

Conservationists are constantly attempting to come up with innovative methods to study our ecosystems, in the hope of finding a way to protect them.

Drones can be used to monitor and track animals when combined with geospatial imagery, and can also be used to collect samples to facilitate research on ecosystems.

Drones can also be used within agriculture, helping to monitor farmland and soil samples. As the size and capabilities of drones continue to adapt, this is a use that can only be increased in the future.


Looking further into the future, drones could even change what we perceive to be luxury accommodation. People have envisaged drone hotels, allowing people aboard to travel to a new location on demand, even those which are normally inaccessible.

Some more traditional hotels are already using drones as a method of customer service, using them to deliver room service or drinks at hotel bars.

For example, the Marriott Marquis hotel in Chicago used drones to deliver drinks to its guests throughout its grand opening. While this was used for a special occasion, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be the norm in the future.

Photo by Tom Nagel from Pexels

Author: Appthisway.com